About Dr. Davis

Lets Get Acquainted

Chiropractic, Wellness, and Health are what make my job the best in the world. Since being a chiropractic patient even as a young kid, I was always interested in getting adjustments from my chiropractor. Now I help others on their journey to health. My philosophy is Chiropractic first, then herbs/supplements/medicine and surgery LAST!  Taking pain medicine every day is NOT NORMAL, no matter how long you have done it, no matter how many other people you know who take them.

I love helping people identify the underlying problems in their spines and helping re-align the joints to improve mobility to their bodies. Strengthening the weak muscles and relaxing the spasms that accompany chronic pain are all part of Whole Body Chiropractic.


What made you want to be a chiropractor?

I chose to become chiropractor after I went on a mission trip to Mexico while in high school. While on that trip a chiropractor was on the team doing adjustments. She adjusted not just my spine, but also my extremities, ankles, shoulders, and wrists. For several years I had always found it easy to twist my ankles and always had to be very careful about not re-spraining my ankles. Having been to a chiropractor even as a child, I did not know it was even possible to have adjustments outside of your spine, and this totally blew my mind that adjusting of extremities was even possible. There was no going back to the old way of being adjusted, and I quickly found out there are very chiropractors who even are trained in this area. From then on out I knew it was my calling to become a chiropractor and help others through a Whole Body approach to care.

So what sets you apart in your schooling from traditional chiropractic?

Most traditional chiropractors only adjust the spine, and usually just the spot you are hurting at that moment. Since people tend to focus on the most extreme problem they are facing at the time, when someone comes into the office the first time I check everything out. Usually there is more than one problem. For example many people with acute neck pain are focused on their neck, but may not notice that their shoulder has also locked up in the process. During the exam all the major body joints are assessed to check motion of joints and ligaments, so no lesser problems can slip through undetected to pose a future problem. I also think the fact that I am certified in dry needling, this adds an extra tool that can help loosen up locked up muscles that sometimes can prevent adjustments from holding for as long as they should.

Do you get adjusted regularly?

Absolutely! I love going to my regular wellness adjustments and they help keep me working at my best. Being a chiropractor can take a toll on anyone’s body, and even chiropractors have to go to chiropractors. I want to stay at my peak so I can keep helping people for as long as possible.

What made you decide to pursue a dry needling certification?

I have always been very curious about acupuncture when Kentucky finally added dry needling to chiropractors scope of practice, I was one of the earliest to get certified. When muscles will not relax, dry needling is one of the best options to help get the muscle reset.