About Us

What is Whole Body Chiropractic?

At Davis Chiropractic we evaluate the entire spine — not just where you are hurting. This allows us to not only get a look at what you are suffering from currently, but to address other areas that you may have not yet realized could be a problem.

Following a thorough spinal evaluation, we then check if you are having any problems with your extremities (like knees, feet, arms, wrists, etc.). One huge difference between Dr. Davis and other chiropractors is that Dr. Davis has been trained to adjust the actual joints that lie outside of the spine. For instance, if you had knee trouble, your knee would be adjusted too, not just your spine. Adjusting of extremities themselves is a unique practice that is overlooked by most other practitioners.  This alone sets Davis Chiropractic apart.

What happens during a visit? Expect to get more treatment than just where your current pain is located. If you have hip, knee, foot, shoulder, elbow, wrist, or other complaints, you may need an adjustment in that area to help correct that dysfunction too. Exercises, stretches, or other supportive recommendations may be made to help expedite you care.

Safe and gentle adjustments are always to be expected at Davis Chiropractic.

If you have tried other chiropractors and did not get the results you expected, don’t give up on chiropractic. Try Davis Chiropractic — you may benefit from our approach to chiropractic health.