What is the difference between Dr. Davis and other chiropractors?

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If I don’t have health insurance can I still be treated?

Yes, we have many flexible options for those who do not have health insurance. Don’t let that keep you from chiropractic.

Do you accept my insurance?

We accept most insurance. We are in network with most insurance companies, and also accept medicaid, medicare, workers compensation, and auto accident injury payers. Call 606-679-1991 and we can tell you exact details, if you feel unsure.

How long does it take until I feel better?

The amount of time until you feel better is dependant on many factors, and it is difficult to say until after a thorough evaluation. Realize that the pain leaving is the first step in the process of restoring normal function to your spine. Chiropractic care should continue for the recommended visits to ensure the problem is corrected, and not simply postponed to return later.

Will I have to keep coming for the rest of my life?

All of our patients return for care at their own decision. We do not force anyone to continue care against their will.  Many people return because the tremendous health benefits they receive from care and want to maintain constant spinal wellness, but it is not required.

Do people notice health changes other than pain relief?

Yes, some people experience different results than just less pain. Symptoms like tightness usually reduce and flexibility increases. Other times people notice that they feel generally healthier with less sickness. These results vary with care, the best way to see what can be benefited is to simply try a regiment of chiropractic care yourself.

Do you think people benefit from maintenance and wellness visits?

Yes, they play an important role in health, but as mentioned above, we do not require them.

What happens during an adjustment?

The patient lies either face up or face down on a soft padded adjusting table. The doctor places hands on the patient and feels for how the particular joint is moving, then the doctor gives the adjustment to the joint. Sometimes a “pop” is heard or felt.

Does the “pop” during an adjustment hurt? And what is happening?

The “pop” noise heard usually does not hurt, in fact most people love the feeling of the “pop”. This happens as a result of nitrogen gas that has built up in the joint area. When the pressure is taken off of the joint during the adjustment, this gas escapes. It is similar to opening a can of soda, and the pressure rushes out at once.

If I didn’t feel the “pop”, did I get the adjustment correctly?

Some patients do not “pop” at all, and get great results. At times perfect adjustments simply do not produce a pop. This is not the measure of a properly performed adjustment.

Is Chiropractic safe?

Chiropractic is one the safest doctors to visit. Malpractice insurance for a chiropractor is cheaper than any other medical professional, and runs about 1/50th of what it costs for the average medical doctor. Davis Chiropractic also uses safe and gentle techniques for all adjustments, in combination with the known safety involving chiropractic.

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes, at this time we are inviting new patients. Call (606) 679-1991 to schedule today.